Sega Still Claims PSO2 “Delayed” in the West

Sega Still Claims PSO2 “Delayed” in the West

by March 31, 2014

Kotaku: Remark “Disrespects Their Biggest Fans”

Kotaku, which has a reputation for putting Sonic fans in the spotlight in the name of yuks, did something different last week: They stood up for fans, and put Sega’s feet to the fire.

It wasn’t regarding a Sonic game per se, but the Sonic Team produced Phantasy Star Online 2. Writer Jason Schreier shared today an E-Mail conversation he had with an unnamed Sega representative about the state of the game in the West:

Sega: Regarding the below, nothing has changed. The game is still delayed and we will update everyone as soon as we know more.

Schreier: Surely at this point it’s more than just a simple delay, no? I know more than a few readers have been waiting patiently for the game to come here, and they expected the release window to be “early 2013” – you guys really can’t help clarify things for them?

Sega: The game is delayed and we will share more info as soon as we know more.

It’s in response to that exchange that Schreier went off on Sega’s continued radio silence on the matter:

While Sega isn’t the only company that has announced a game and then stayed quiet about it for years—Rockstar’s Agent and Sony’s The Last Guardian are just two examples of video games gone MIA—this is an unusual case. This isn’t a half-baked idea or an ambitious game stuck in development hell; Phantasy Star Online 2 is already complete. It’s been out in Japan for two years. Millions of people have played it.

So maybe Sega plans to quietly shelve the game here. Maybe they’re not saying anything because they’ve decided that it was a mistake to announce a western release, and they’re hoping this whole thing will just go away. (They should probably start by taking down the US website.)

Or maybe it really is delayed, and it’ll come out eventually, in which case Sega owes it to fans—many of whom have held off on playing the Japanese version of PSO2 because they thought it was coming here—to explain what’s going on. Two years after the announcement, Phantasy Star Online fans deserve more than “The game is delayed.”