Sonic Boom to receive design tweaks based on feedback

Sonic Boom to receive design tweaks based on feedback

by April 1, 2014

“Nobody told us they were the wrong color.” says representative.

2014 is the year of Sonic the Hedgehog, they said. With a new TV series, toyline, and even potentially a feature-length motion picture, that seems like a fast-approaching reality. But there was one problem: the limbs were the wrong color. A long standing trademark of low quality or bootleg artwork, incorrectly colored limbs were a hurdle some Sonic fans had a hard time surmounting. As TSSZ News is learning today, that will no longer be an issue, as evidenced by the following image released by Sega this morning:

Flesh Colored Appendages

Fleshy bits, restored

“Nobody told us they were the wrong color.” says a representative speaking on the behalf of Big Red Button. “That’s how much freedom Sega gave us to create our own take; they simply never notified us when we crossed the line. Thankfully, a very, very, VERY vocal minority of fans picked up the slack, and we’re going to do our best to set things right.”

In an unprecedented move, Sega has requested that the animation studio OuiDO go back and digitally alter the Sonic Boom television show in order to correct the coloring gaffe. It will cost an estimated $7 million dollars to painstakingly repaint the hundreds of thousands of frames of animation with flesh colored details before the launch on Cartoon Network this fall. “These characters appear in almost every scene of the show.” said the representative, “But it’s worth it. Sonic Boom will live and die by its fans, so pleasing their every fleeting whim is our first priority.”