Sega Splits Index Corporation

Sega Splits Index Corporation

by April 3, 2014

Atlus Remains Intact

We’re a bit late to the party with this one, but in case you haven’t heard, Sega announced earlier this week that it will be splitting Index Corporation up into two separate pieces. One piece will continue to develop games, and this piece will continue to be known as Atlus. The other will manage overall business operations, and it will be known simply as Index. Yukio Sugino, former managing director as Sega, will head up the new Atlus division, while Yasuhiko Hamda will take the reigns of Index; he was an executive vice president at the old Index Corporation. A new logo was unveiled alongside the announcement, and it’s not very far off from the company’s old logo; you can see it for yourself below.

This news should assuage fears that Sega’s acquisition of Atlus would change the latter company for the worse, as it appears that Sega will continue to allow the company to operate and produce games as we have known it to. Sega never disclosed how much it spent to acquire Atlus, but various reports have suggested that the acquisition price was north of $130 million.