Christopher Stephen Welch, AoSTH Tails VA, Speaks After Death Mix-Up

Christopher Stephen Welch, AoSTH Tails VA, Speaks After Death Mix-Up

by April 15, 2014

Former Actor Now Sales Rep, Very Much Alive

You may remember a while back some confusion surrounding the death of one Christopher Evan Welch. At the time, it was believed Welch was the voice actor of Tails in the syndicated Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

It turns out, nearly the entire community had it wrong, and a different Welch, Christopher Stephen Welch, had not only voiced Tails as a kid, but remains alive in well. Today, in comments to Segabits’s Barry Harmon, he affirmed he’s out of the entertainment business, and working as a salesman:

I did a lot of television commercials as a child and went to an audition for this part and landed it. It was the only voice work that I ever did.

It was recorded in Koko production and sound studios in Vancouver BC. I never worked side by side with Jaleel White but I did work with Gary Chalk (Grounder) and Philip Hayes (Scratch) as well as Long John Baldry (Dr. Robotnik). Paul Quinn directed us in the Vancouver studios.

It was a great opportunity and something that I remember fondly. I was 10 years old when we worked on and recorded these episodes. As mentioned above, Damien is a friend of mine and we always found it strange that everywhere online Christopher Evan Welch was credited with this work.

In short, the Welch we heard in the 1993 series remains alive and well, working a career beyond his one-off role that thrusted him into Sonic stardom.