“Sonic Jump Fever” Soft Launches in Canada

“Sonic Jump Fever” Soft Launches in Canada

by April 17, 2014

Northern Neighbors With Another Mobile Tryout

TSSZ has learned today that Sega has again quietly launched another mobile title for a test in Canada, and this time its flagship IP Sonic is involved.

It’s not a new Sonic outright, but Sonic Jump Fever builds upon the original formula of the endless jumper by adding a timerm and including Chao to help players along the way.

The game is Free to Play, and includes several in-app purchase options.

We’ve included screenshots from Sonic Jump Fever below, following a 19 minute game play video. If you live in Canada and have an Apple device, you can grab the game now. iOS 7 is required. We will investigate to see what plans Sega has for a wider rollout. Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.