Sonic Dash Updates, Preps for Easter Global Challenge

Sonic Dash Updates, Preps for Easter Global Challenge

by April 18, 2014

Sonic Dash S Updated Too

We have two mobile Sonic games to update you on today.

First, the main Sonic Dash on iOS and Android received a new update Thursday to accommodate a special Easter themed Global Challenge. Sonic and company will soon collect eggs in the quest to unlock a new character.  Early guesses are that it’s Cream the Rabbit, given the Easter theme.  Users can also now share their run to the world via a recording feature available at the end of each play.

There is also an update for the lesser known Line Sonic Dash S, the one off to take advantage of the internationally known calling and messaging app. Changes include:

・Shorter Stages
・Beach course
・Removed Spring Tricks
・Noon/afternoon/night/morning Stages
・Medals to trigger bonus mode
・Stage information & skill icons on HUD
・Blaze & 3 Chao
・Updated skills
・Ring bonus based on collection of Chao
・New Chao via Chao Roulette
・New Items
・Updated Roulette prizes
・Score increased using Energies
・100 Rings by offering/collecting presents (Energies)
・Campaign Info button (Home screen)
・New invite rewards
・Reset friend list.

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