Kickstarter for JSR Inspired “Hover” Begins

Kickstarter for JSR Inspired “Hover” Begins

by April 21, 2014

Sonic Rush Composer Naganuma Involved

Another video game is turning to crowdsourcing to find the fast track to publication, though this one has a distinctly Sonic and Sega connection.

Hover: Revolt of Games is described as a mix between Jet Set Radio and Mirror‘s Edge by Midgar Studio of France, which is heading up the project:

“Hover: Revolt of Gamers” takes you deep into the heart of a vast extra terrestrial metropolis recently subjected to the oppression of a new Mayor. For a still unknown reason, the Mayor has introduced an anti-leisure policy condemning to forced labour anyone who’d be caught under offense of entertainment. His favorite target ? Gamers and anything linked to video games.

Accompanying the anti-leisure propaganda that has invaded the streets, the new police composed of security drones and dreadful agents now roams the city persecuting the population to seize all gaming consoles.

The Sonic connection comes in with Sonic Rush and Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma, who will create the game’s soundtrack if Hover hits a stretch goal of $60,000. The base goal is $38,000, which will guarantee a release on PC, Mac, Linux, XBOX One, and Playstation 4.  A $100,000 stretch goal will bring Hover to Wii U.

Rewards for backers include everything from a digital copy of the game, to being included in-game as an alien, to becoming one of the protagonists. As of this article’s publication, more than $18,000 has been raised. If you have money to contribute toward the project, you can do so at this link.