Fan Fridays Recap: January – April 2014

Fan Fridays Recap: January – April 2014

by April 25, 2014

Looking Back on Four Months of Features

It’s the last Friday in April, so it’s time to recap the last four months of Fan Fridays. If you missed an article that piques your interest, now’s your chance to catch up. I know I’ve been pretty spotty with new content lately, but fear not; Fan Fridays will return to its former glory in May.


MRi (artwork)

Grooves of the Future (original music)

Paraxade0 (speed runs)

ElectricMudkip (remixes)

raseinn (artwork)


Sonic Boom (remixes)

Sonic Amateur Games Expo (fan games)


SonicRecords (artwork)

Segatenderations (remixes)

Th3RaB1dPuMa14 (animation)

SonicItalia (fan site)


Disco (Minecraft mod)