Ken Penders Updates Lien-Da Design

Ken Penders Updates Lien-Da Design

by April 25, 2014

Community Reacts…Not Very Well

Something tangentially Sonic related has gone somewhat viral among the community today, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

Unless one believes in the idea all publicity is good publicity, it’s so far been hard to see the good publicity gained from this Tweet Ken Penders released early this morning:

On his forum, Penders reveals who actually built the Lien-Da redesign in 3D: Kevin Knowles.

Kevin has more than exceeded my expectations and proven to me that just because he’s located on the other side of the world from me is no reason we couldn’t collaborate.

The model Kevin built will be used as the reference standard for all things Lien-Da. I’m hoping to have the 360º view of her ready when I post the Lien-Da Data File on TL-SC website which is currently being assembled.

On top of that, a well-known actress will be the voice of Lien-Da as we assemble the video presentation, to say nothing of Costume Designer Mike Philpot putting on the finishing touches to the Praetorian’s Hat for unveiling, as well as a couple of other goodies to be announced shortly.

The main focus, though, is on the story and art. I’m hoping to wrap the story very shortly which will then allow me to focus exclusively on the art going forward.

This reveal of Lien-Da for the upcoming Lara-Su Chronicles, still in development, is much more of a statement than the Lara-Su redesign revealed some time ago. You may remember that Ken Penders and Archie settled a federal lawsuit when the ownership over these and other characters used in the Archie Sonic comics came into dispute.

We still do not have a timetable on when The Lara-Su Chronicles will be ready for public release. We will update when we know more.

We would republish some of the community reaction to the above photo, but we imagine we’ll get enough of a taste of it once the comments start rolling in.