Developer Addresses Sonic Classic 2 Dormancy

Developer Addresses Sonic Classic 2 Dormancy

by April 28, 2014

“I’ll never be gone gone. Just need motivation”

Some in the community have expressed concern about apparent abandonment of a high profile Sonic fan game project we have covered here from time to time: Sonic Classic 2. It’s the product of community scener Hez, but he nor progress on the very promising classic-themed SFG hasn’t been seen for well over a year.

Last week on Sonic Retro, Hez came out of the woodwork after many fans and forumers expressed concern about Classic 2‘s future:

The Sonic Boom announcement really put me in that “why am I even doing this anymore” kind of mood. I also sort of got in that mood when I started to feel like no one really cared about the game anyway. After Taxman releasing Sonic 1 and 2 it sort of made my work useless and not worth it. It just gets to the point where would it be worth Sonic 1 and 2 being in the game with all the additional features?

After copious amounts of feedback, Hez updated that two “extra” stages are done, and that he is considering online features.

“I’ll never be gone gone. Just need motivation. You guys did get me to blow off the dust,” Hez added.