Humble Bundle Restocks Sonic Hits Collection Keys

Humble Bundle Restocks Sonic Hits Collection Keys

by May 8, 2014

But the 75% Off Sale is Over

If you didn’t get in on the ground floor on that flash sale for Sonic Hits Collection via the Humble Bundle’s Humble Store, it appears you are out of luck. The organization actually ran out of keys for the sale, and though they’re back in stock via Sega Europe, but if you didn’t buy before, you’re not getting the discount now.

The good news is that if you did purchase at the $7.49 and your order wasn’t fulfilled due to the Steam key shortage, that problem should be taken care of by now:

That replenishment came, however, as the deal appeared to be very limited and not the entire length of the Humble Store Spring sale. The $29.99 price point is now restored for the remainder of the promotion.