“Finished” version of SonicGDK releases

“Finished” version of SonicGDK releases

by May 9, 2014

UE3-based Sonic game code base becomes feature-complete

It’s been a long road for SonicGDK. Longer than intended. But now, according to coder Xaklse, the code base is “finished” as of v1.20.0.66:

What’s new? In short:

  • Added configurable footsteps and other sounds of the character.
  • Finished stats screen with optional ranks.
  • Improved interaction with various objects for low framerates.
  • Added configurable invulnerable parts and weak points to enemies.
  • New Kismet nodes: OpenNextMap, QuitToMainMenu and ToggleEnemyData.
  • Created the HomingTargetActor and HomingTargetActor_Movable objects.
  • Improved sounds played for rings drop, rings pickup and classic jump.
  • Added lock-on sound for homing attack.
  • Restored warning graphics for having no rings.
  • Better code for the music played by extra-life monitors.
  • Modified invulnerability monitor so that it displays an icon on the HUD.
  • Added MaxEmeralds configurable field to ChaosEmeraldActor.
  • Now cheats are disabled by default.

Don’t expect any more code updates guys, I consider SonicGDK finished!!!

The last version of the codebase can be downloaded from Sonic Retro, here. Xaklse originally intended to finish SonicGDK more than two years ago, but continued to update the code base with extended features and bug fixes. As stated in this post, he still intends on updating wiki articles related to modifying SonicGDK, but for all intents and purposes his work is done.

News of SonicGDK’s completion also comes with a trailer for Xaklse’s first major iOS game, “Wreckman: Rise of a Hero“.