RUMOR: New Character Now a Main Sonic Boom Character?

RUMOR: New Character Now a Main Sonic Boom Character?

by May 14, 2014

Community Speculation About Marine Revival Rampant

The official drought of Sonic Boom information continues, but it hasn’t stopped a surge of speculation that began this morning, when community scener Tom Skeys posted to Twitter this image:

What appears to be a new character can be seen in artwork that, at this time, is unknown whether to be official or not, or if official, whether it relates to the game or the TV series.

In response to follow-up remarks, Skeys concedes he does not know the original source of the image:

Community sceners have speculated that the new character could be a redesigned Marine the Raccoon, last seen in Sonic Rush Adventure a form of which is believed to have been seen in early concept art spotted in the background of interviews with BigRedButton personnel. Others have noted significant changes to the character to make it otherwise indistinguishable to Marine as we currently know her–though, to be fair, the main cast has received significant design changes in Boom as well.

Stephen Frost, who yesterday addressed concerns with Boom‘s recent information drought, has not yet commented publicly on this recent discovery. However, Mike Pollock, a part of the Sonic Boom VA cast, has been spotted posting hints that allude to the idea nobody new is joining the cast.

Pollock, working both the game and TV side, would know, at least in the capacity of whether this new character will have a speaking role. That certainly gives credence to the idea this could be fan art, or something not official. With E3 a few weeks away, how this image emerges bears watching, but for the moment, we’re labeling it RUMOR, and we’re leaning toward hoax on the idea of it being Marine proper.