Source: Mystery Sonic Boom Character Not Marine, Shadow to Return

Source: Mystery Sonic Boom Character Not Marine, Shadow to Return

by May 20, 2014

New Char Will Have Role in Game, TV

A source with knowledge of plans for Sonic Boom has confirmed to TSSZ the image of an alleged new character in posters that circulated last week is indeed just that; a legitimate new character being introduced to the franchise, and not, as has been widely speculated, an updated look for Marine the Raccoon.

The source told TSSZ the character will have a role in both the game and TV side, and we have learned of at least one storyline that will involve the new character. That alludes to the idea the character will have a speaking role. We do not know who will assume that role. We also do not know the character’s name or species. We have only verified that the new character is not Marine.

Here is what else we have learned: Our source has also told TSSZ that Shadow the Hedgehog will be a part of the Sonic Boom universe. Further, we have learned there will be minimal changes to his design, and his personality. We do not know the scope of Shadow’s role in Boom, either on the TV or game side.

That is what we have learned for the moment. Though anything can happen between now and the characters’ formal unveiling, we are not treating this information as rumor. We are sure to know more by the time E3 is upon us.  We will, of course, bring you anything more we learn. And if you know something, please send us a news tip. We guarantee confidentiality for all verifiable information.