“Super Mario Bros. 3Mix” Version 1.0 Released

“Super Mario Bros. 3Mix” Version 1.0 Released

by May 30, 2014

A Mario Adventure spanning generations

More than a year ago, we reported on the announcement of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, the latest project by the creator of Sonic Epoch (SouthBird). After a month in beta, SMB3mix v1.0 has finally seen release today.

So I got lazy and didn’t push this out earlier. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs, especially those who went above and beyond to make videos, savestates, etc. to help pinpoint specific issues.

I’ll admit I didn’t play through the entire game (for the umpteenth time) to make sure I didn’t break anything, but most of these changes are very narrow area, so I don’t expect any issues. But if anyone wants to go ahead and do that, please report how it goes! 🙂

There are still some pending issues here and there, but I believe everything game-breaking to date has been fixed. Thanks again, everyone!

SMB3mix, if you’ve forgotten (and haven’t read the original article) is a ROM hack for the NES version of Super Mario Bros. 3 that pays tribute to Mario’s entire legacy, featuring levels starting at the original Super Mario Bros. and covering everything (even the Gameboy games) up to Super Mario Galaxy. It was created using the Southbird Disassembly, which translates Super Mario Bros. 3 back to its original raw source code, allowing anyone to re-write the game with ease (well, as easy as 6502 Assembly code can be).

To play SMB3mix, click here. You will need the correct version of Super Mario Bros. 3, a way to use IPS patch files, and an emulator.