“Working Prototypes” of Next Sonic Allegedly in Existence

“Working Prototypes” of Next Sonic Allegedly in Existence

by June 3, 2014

Looking Beyond Sonic Boom…Already

Maybe Sonic Boom isn’t your thing. If not, don’t worry–there’s always the game after. And it’s pretty clear there will be a main Sonic that follows Boom if a knowledgeable community tech member is to be believed.

Endri, who occasionally posts on the Sonic Retro forums, turned up today on that website’s Sonic Boom thread to there is, indeed, another title coming after Boom. We could have guessed that much, but we couldn’t guess the format, and if you’re looking for a callback to Generations, Endri’s words, left in response to another forumer’s prediction the next Sonic would be in the vein of Sonic Lost World, may leave you disappointed:

In fact, it surprisingly isn’t. Now that you mentioned this, I must say that they already have working prototypes. I’ve seen it: it is not [Lost World] 2 and neither it follows the Generations formula. MSFT devs are quite often in contact with them in order to aid them in the process of porting/implementing subsystems with Xbox One-exclusive implementations—subsystems which are platform dependant [sic]—and this is mainly because the Durango’s Japanese documentation sucks.

But I’m afraid this is as much as I’m allowed to mention at this given time.

We would normally not give remarks like this attention except for the fact Endri’s profile on Retro notes he is, by profession, a game developer and coder–meaning he likely has the tools and access to know what he’s talking about.

That begs the question: Assuming this is accurate, what Sonic are you looking forward to most: Boom, or the apparent new formatted Sonic that follows it? Tell us below in the comments. Thanks to TheSonicGamer201x for tipping us on Twitter. If you can clarify some of the above details, please send us a news tip.