SAGE 2014: Act 2 Registration Opens

SAGE 2014: Act 2 Registration Opens

by June 13, 2014

One Expo Ends; Preps for Another Now Begin

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo now behind us (save for our roundtable impressions of this year’s show coming shortly), it’s time for the Sonic community to again turn its attention toward one of its own traditions: SAGE.

This year, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo was divided into two parts, with part 2 commencing on August 3rd.  Earlier this week, SAGE organizer OverbounD posted details on the SFGHQ / Sonic United forums on how to enter your work in the show:

It’s almost that time again!


SAGE Chat- As is the norm a SAGE chatroom will be accessible via the SAGE website or you can join using your favorite IRC client.

Game Pages – Using the popular CMS WordPress Neo and I have built a site to allow game authors to edit their game pages in real time on the SAGE server. No more looking for a host or poorly designed booths. Game creators will be able to add verbiage and upload images directly to the SAGE website. We ask that you please host your demos and videos elsewhere but they can be linked easily from your SAGE page. We will have a list of recommended file hosts soon.

Entertainment Pages – Similar to game pages artists and content creators will be able to upload their works to their very own page on the SAGE website. Uploads can include music and images. You are also welcome to embed youtube videos or link to offsite files to download. If you are unsure you content qualifies contact us!
All pages will allow for commenting so that contributors can get feedback on their works.

To Register for Page(s) send the following to:
Booth banner: 200 x 200
Desired Username and an email address for setting up an account to access your SAGE Page(s).
A description of the page(s) you’d like to contribute.
We will make the final decision on how many pages your submissions require. Games will get their own pages. For other submissions we might ask you to put your fan art and music on a single page. We will look at each situation individually.

Registrations are due by July 15th

SAGE Promo Video
We will be releasing a SAGE promo video in the weeks following up to SAGE. Submit your game to by July 15th to have your game included.


Panels – panels are returning this SAGE using Twitch. Panel hosts will be able to access the live video stream using Twitch tools to stream their computer screens or cameras.

What is a Panel? Next to the fan games, panels are the main event at SAGE. We’ll be hosting panels via Twitch which will be embedded on the interactive page alongside the chatroom as in years past. Panels can be anything ranging from a music show, game creation tutorials, skits, fanfic readings, game review shows, live gameplay, or anything else you can think up.
If you would like to run a panel write a short pitch and send it to

Be sure to participate in the show itself, and also be here the first full week of August when we offer you complete coverage of this community tradition.