Sega Reps on Sonic’s Future: “We see a two-tiered focus going forward”

Sega Reps on Sonic’s Future: “We see a two-tiered focus going forward”

by June 16, 2014

New Article Elaborates on Long-Term Boom Plans

How would you like to see Archie dip its toes into the Sonic Boom universe? What about a Sonic Boom soda? Or a Sonic boutique sub-section in your favorite store?

All those options are on the table as Sega continues to push the Boom brand, but remaining aware of the hedgehog’s retro roots, so says a new article by the online arm of Global License magazine. The piece elaborates on Sega’s plans for Boom as it relates to merchandising.

“We see a two-tiered focus going forward, with a retro look for older consumers and the Sonic Boom look targeted to a younger, new generation of fans,” noted Sega of America licensing director Rene Flores.

“We knew from focus groups that kids love the fact that Sonic is so fast, so we really reinforce Sonic’s speed in ‘Sonic Boom.’ The fan base also responds to a little bit of attitude.” adds in Marcella Churchill, SOA’s senior marketing director.

The article continues:

Tomy is developing a comprehensive toy line across a number of categories including plush, action figures, role play, vehicles and novelty. Tomy will energize the line with speed, lights, sounds, motion-activation and action-performance to create an exciting play experience.

SEGA is launching a broad licensing program across multiple categories including toys, apparel, publishing, accessories and food and beverage in one of the largest license initiatives the company has taken on in years.

Along with its partner Archie Comics, SEGA will also be exploring publishing.

“The rich world of the animated series gives us more opportunity to flesh the stories out in publishing,” says Flores. “We’re also looking at trading cards, temporary tattoos and sticker collections, as well as party goods and cakes. There are some new areas we think can present some good opportunities. We’re also looking at creating Sonic boutiques within stores.”

SEGA has been very successful with the Sonic franchise in retailers Hot Topic, Spencer’s and Hastings, and is working with other retailers to create cohesive merchandising programs across multiple categories that will maximize Sonic’s potential in stores.

No elaboration was given as to what Sega may have planned on the retro side. You can read the full article at the link cited above.