Eggrobo will appear in Super Smash Bros

Eggrobo will appear in Super Smash Bros

by June 17, 2014

As an enemy in Smash Run mode

Sonic presence is becoming more prominent with every installment of  Super Smash Bros. From Brawl to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, we are not only having the blue hedgehog running around, kicking all those Nintendo character’s into oblivion, along with a stage to call his homeland, and some assistant trophies, namely Shadow, to help him, no.

Today’s pic of the day from Smash Bros Miiverse shows that an old enemy of Sonic is making a comeback in this game. We’re talking about Eggrobo, one of the most well liked Eggman robot minions, who will appear as an enemy in Nintendo 3DS’s exclusive Smash Run mode, attacking the player with laser beams.  He will also appear as a trophy.

Some of the people who got the chance to play the game have reported spotting Eggpawns at Smash Run mode too,  so Eggrobo might not be the only Sonic enemy making an appearance there.