Sonic Dash Passes 65 Million Downloads

Sonic Dash Passes 65 Million Downloads

by June 25, 2014

Now That’s a Marathon

Here’s something you may not have known if you haven’t gone looking for it: Sonic Dash has become quite popular.

It’s so popular, in fact, that a recent presentation from Sega Sammy’s Sega Networks division showcased that Dash has surpassed 65 million downloads overall. That’s a lot of ground covered.

It’s also serves to be quite the potential moneymaker for Sega. If the free to play title has even made a dollar off of a fraction of the userbase, that presents a revenue stream in the 7 to 8 figure range. It almost certainly assures titles like Dash are here to stay as part of Sega’s mobile strategy.

The presentation also noted Dash has a million daily average users.