Revived S2HD Project Seeking Artists, Animators

Revived S2HD Project Seeking Artists, Animators

by June 26, 2014

“Here’s where you, the fans at large, come in”

Want to be part of the recently revived Sonic 2 HD fan project? Several prime opportunities to do just that are now open.

The new group is looking for a Graphic Artist, as well as an Animator. Additional spots will be posted as needed.

In making the announcement on the new S2HD update blog, there also came this changing of the guard:

We’d like to also note that we’ll be posting up regular progress updates either in text or screenshot form. One of the criticisms leveled against S2HD in the past was the secrecy it was surrounded by and it won’t happen anymore. Before too much longer you can look forward to seeing what we’re doing with Hill Top Zone and the Special Stages. As for the inevitable questions on future release dates: when a new zone is graphically complete and the main engine is ready, more of Sonic 2 HD will make its way into the hands of fans worldwide — but with your help, S2HD will speed up development!

If interested, hit the above cited link to apply.