On Kickstarter, a Push to Produce Genesis Cartridge Figurines

On Kickstarter, a Push to Produce Genesis Cartridge Figurines

by July 3, 2014

The Weird Road to the Current Fundraiser

If you’ve ever wanted to see your Sega Genesis cartridges sprout hands and legs, we have a Kickstarter you may want to throw some money toward.

It’s being held by Nate Mitchell of SquidKids Ink, and it’s for Mega-Bit, an officially licensed product. That license fee, however, would have to be paid upfront, instead of via royalties. It’s what Mitchell thought would be the end of a long road that began with production discussions with an unnamed Sega of America rep last year at the San Diego Comic Con. Now, the project has been revived, and $30,000–much of which would presumably go toward the fee–is being sought.

It’s especially strange because the Kickstarter page makes abundantly clear that Sega approached Mitchell about production. When it was time to put the money where their mouths were, however, it appears Sega insisted on a lump sum up first, rather than royalties.

Your money toward getting Mega-Bit off the ground, however, can go toward some neat things, including a Sonic 1 Not for Resale branded Mega-Bit. Pledge levels are from 15 to 500 dollars, and can net you even more custom figurines as they are produced. So far, the Mega-Bit Kickstarter is more than a quarter of the way toward its goal with 4 weeks left to fundraise.