Fan Animates Sonic Game Cutscenes

Fan Animates Sonic Game Cutscenes

by July 7, 2014

Stunning Recreations for All to Enjoy

Consider this my penance for missing Fan Fridays this weekend. I think you’ll agree this one was worth the wait.

There’s a YouTube user by the name of Cameron Turner, and their YouTube alias is Hypo. Turner is very good at using the Source Filmmaker, which is a tool created by Valve to make movies from inside of the Source engine. Thanks to the power of mods and models, this means that a massive variety of content can be filmed, and Turner has leveraged this tool to recreate some Sonic Adventure cutscenes, among other things. Turner has focused on two cutscenes in particular: one of Sonic and Eggman’s confrontations in the original Sonic Adventure, and the famous “Faker” cutscene from Sonic Adventure 2.

These cutscenes have been featured all over the internet, and with good reason: they’re absolutely fantastic. By using models ripped right from Sonic Generations alongside some great lighting effects, the end results are professional-quality cutscenes that would look right at home in anything Sonic Team produces; this is especially true of the “Faker” remake.

I’m not kidding. This is some seriously good work. You can check out both cutscenes below, and you should definitely check out the rest of Turner’s work on their YouTube channel here.