Alien Isolation Pre-Order DLC Available on Steam

Alien Isolation Pre-Order DLC Available on Steam

by July 11, 2014

No Word on “Last Survivor” Content

The Nostromo Edition of Alien Isolation and its corresponding DLC will be a pre-order bonus not just at retailers, but also on Steam.

Our friend Donnie at Sonic Paradox News tipped us to the pre-order page for the PC title there, which confirms that specific DLC, Crew Expendable should be widely available. However, nothing on Steam’s product page says anything about the Last Survivor DLC. For the moment, that bonus is exclusive to Gamestop pre-orders in North America, and GAME in the UK.

It’s the Last Survivor exclusivity that has resulted in so much negative attention for Sega and The Creative Assembly. It’s even prompted an op-ed from Polygon’s Ben Kuchera, calling for gamers to not order Isolation or any other game.