Windy Valley Beta Restoration for SADX Released

Windy Valley Beta Restoration for SADX Released

by July 12, 2014

Lost and found, but most importantly playable

We had a story a couple months ago about an ongoing project at Sonic Retro to restore the lost, beta version of “Windy Valley” from the Sonic Adventure Autodemo. Today, the wait is finally over, as CorvidDude has released a mod for the 2004 PC release of Sonic Adventure DX that allows you to play the once-lost level.

For the first time in forever, I’m releasing a new stage! Ever since the AutoDemo version of Sonic Adventure was first put on the internet, everyone has been wondering if this stage would ever be playable. That build of the game is *very* broken, and is clearly an in-between build.

I wrote several new features into SADXLVL2 for this project – the camera editor, the gizmo, and the view frustum culling were all built to satisfy the needs of this project. I wanted to implement a triangle strip generator but I was only able to get it partially working.

With all that being said, this is without a doubt the coolest project I have worked on so far. I’m looking for a paid level design position and I hope this stage shows that I’m capable of doing it. If you know a game developer in New England who is looking for a level design specialist, send them my way. I’ll also do (small) commissions for indie games or other hobbyist projects.

More information, including download links, are available in the video’s description.