UK “Sonic the Comic Con” Kickstarted

UK “Sonic the Comic Con” Kickstarted

by July 29, 2014

It’s Not SOS, But This Year it Might as Well Be

The Editor-in-Chief of Sonic Stadium and Summer of Sonic co-organizer, Adam Tuff, has successfully funded plans to bring a Sonic the Comic themed gathering to the UK in late October.

It happened after just a day of exposure on Kickstarter and community avenues. Dubbed Sonic the Comic Con, the event has fulfilled its initial £1,400 goal, or about $2,400. It’s now well on its way to a £2,500 stretch goal that will see a special edition of STC produced just for the event.

So what will STC Con be about? Though it’s not quite the Summer of Sonic event, an event skipped this year, the Kickstarter page for the event notes a lot of activities for prospective attendees that are more specific to the beloved UK Fleetway comic:

SONIC THE COMIC CON is a day-long celebration of the UK’s Sonic the Comic and its online continuation: Sonic the Comic Online.

We think it is about time Sonic the Comic had its own special day to commemorate its life over the 21 years! We want to do this by creating a very special event that will showcase the many aspects of what made this comic so memorable, and what has kept it going as a fan creation to date. We already have a day planned full of great events:

  • Meet & Greet with Special Guests: Over the past few weeks and months we have been talking with many of the artists and writers who brought Sonic the Comic to life! We look forward to being able to announce the attendance of these guests at Sonic the Comic Con in the near future!
  • Art Classes and Tutorials: Our special guests have very kindly agreed to give attendees an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade! These special sessions will be held throughout the day, to give budding artists a fantastic chance to learn from the best!
  • Competitions: We hope you will bring your skills along on the day and enter the art and writing contests, and show off your STC-inspired works! We also hope to be able to offer some very special prizes too!
  • Original Works: A range of original hand-drawn, hand-painted original covers and pages will be on display throughout the day, so you can come and lay your eyes on the incredible work that went into their creation.
  • Q&A Sessions: Our special guests will be talking about some of their fond memories of working on the comic, as well as answering your burning questions!

But of course, STCC won’t just be about the activities taking place throughout the day! We’ve made sure we have a venue with plenty of space for attendees to socialise, relax, and reminisce about their favourite STC works. We will also be in the company of many of the writers and artists of Sonic the Comic Online, so we promise the day will be a true family reunion of both generations!

With the base goal reached, STC Con is expected to take place on October 26th at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in York. The venue only has a max capacity of 180, so it appears contributing to the project may be the only way to secure your space.