Sonic Prologue Fan Film is now online

Sonic Prologue Fan Film is now online

by August 4, 2014

Watch the origins of Sonic and Tails friendship

If you ever wanted to see a movie about how Sonic and Tails first met, you’re lucky. Long awaited Sonic Prologue fan film is now online, and it shows just that: How the blue hedgehog and the two tailed fox strong friendship came to be. This time, in a 25 minutes long animated CG movie with an original score, voice acting and many, many character appearances!


Take a step back in time as Sonic the Hedgehog and his best friend Miles “Tails” Prower reminisce on the day their fates crossed paths for the first time before the events of Sonic 2! Experience first hand, the wild, action packed adventure that destined these two to be the dynamic duo they are today in Sonic Prologue!

Written and Directed by -Doryan Nelson (NECOMIX™ *formally known as Un-Chan Studios)
Animated by- Christopher Wilcots (Chris Wilcots Animation™)

Featuring the voice talents of Roboticasrtista, Thalassa Promise, TheDragonSuperman, Jennifer Ferguson(Koka the Cat) and Doryan Nelson!