SAGE 2014 Overview: Sonic Mega Drive

SAGE 2014 Overview: Sonic Mega Drive

by August 6, 2014

A Classic Sonic Atmosphere in Overdrive

Don’t let its deceptive title screen fool you. Sonic Mega Drive, the product of Felik and a team of artists, musicians, and rippers, is getting a lot of attention at SAGE this time around.

That’s because the game has a simple purpose: Recreate the classic Sonic gameplay experience, physics and all. It appears to accomplish that goal quite well, with what Felik calls a “pretty accurate classic engine replica” developed in Multimedia Fusion 2. When finished, Mega Drive will feature several acts and bosses, special stages, and more. A video preview of the first stage is above.

To play the demo, go to SAGE, click the Games tab, and find the Sonic Mega Drive button.