SAGE 2014 Overview: Bingo the Multiva

SAGE 2014 Overview: Bingo the Multiva

by August 7, 2014

An Updated Romp Through Verdant Valley

At the Sonic Amateur Games Expo, there are Sonic games, original games, games that hail from other franchises, and there are those that fall somewhere in between.

Bingo the Multiva is one such in-bewteener. It’s a speedy platformer much like Sonic, with the title character as a Multiva. There are coins instead of rings, and there are certainly familiar tropes like a spin attack and dash. Bingo also has a special bounce move.

Previously shown at SAGE 2014’s first act, this updated build features five new levels. To play them, go to SAGE, click the Games tab, and click the link for Bingo the Multiva.