Report: No New Sonic Boom Build at Gamescom

Report: No New Sonic Boom Build at Gamescom

by August 13, 2014

The Same 3 Stages Available to European Public

As time typically progressed in past convention seasons, Sega tended to offer updated demos of its Holiday releases with each new show. It appears that is happening with Alien: Isolation, with a flurry of new previews released this week. But with Gamescom opening for press and industry pros today and to the public tomorrow, it does not appear the same can be said for Sonic Boom.

That’s at least if you believe SonicWindBlue on Twitter, who had an opportunity to visit Nintendo’s booth at Gamescom today:

It’s our hope we’ll at least see a new trailer or media officially from Sega to mark the occasion, and if that happens, we will bring them to you here.