Sonic 2 Game Gear Prototype Dumped

Sonic 2 Game Gear Prototype Dumped

by August 20, 2014

Ready to Research?

The Genesis prototypes of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are considered the engine that allowed the Sonic research community to flourish and develop. So what new secrets and discoveries will researchers find on its very different Game Gear counterpart?

We’re about to find out. After collecting community donations, Orengefox has dumped a Sonic 2 Game Gear ROM rated December 5, 1991.

“I’ll let the rest of you fill in the blanks of what you can find in this prototype,” Orengefox said, without hinting as to what secrets lay within.

The Genesis prototypes revealed an array of unfinished stages and slots, including the Holy Grail of Sonic research, the Hidden Palace Zone. But Sonic 2 on Game Gear is vastly different, with only Sonic playable, and very different zone structures.

We’ll let you know if anything significant is found in the ROM.