(UPDATE) Sonic Toon To Be Released In Japan On December 18th

(UPDATE) Sonic Toon To Be Released In Japan On December 18th

by September 9, 2014

Both Versions Set For Japanese Date

The same issue of Famitsu that announced The World End Eclipse held another news reveal. It is now confirmed that the Japanese version of Sonic Boom, titled in the region as Sonic Toon, will be released on 3DS and Wii U on December 18th for  ¥ 5,378 ($51) and ¥ 7,538 ($71), respectively.

Currently both versions still do not have the subtitles of their western counterparts. That does not mean it will stay this way though. The title is listed as Sonic Toon (Working title) so it seems the name is still not final.

The news comes three months after Sonic Toon was first unveiled and is just in time before Christmas arrives a week later. This also means that Japan will see the two games a month after North America and Europe. What this will mean for sales is unknown. Even the release of Smash on the two platforms can impact just how much the game sells this year. For the time being the waiting game continues.


UPDATE 9/11/2014:  A trailer for Sonic Toon has been released further confirming the release date and giving us our first look at how the characters will sound in Japanese.