TGS: New Fighting Climax Screenshots & Video

TGS: New Fighting Climax Screenshots & Video

by September 19, 2014

November 15th Release

Day 2 of Tokyo Game Show has had yet more news on the SEGA front: some new info for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, a Japan exclusive game  for Vita and Playstation 3 with cross compatibility between the two platforms.

What the trailer didn’t show (but was confirmed later on by the TGS Nico SEGA stream) was confirmation that four characters from Valkyria Chronicles, including Selvaria and Alicia, are in the game and more SEGA characters are to come.

The gallery below contains an image of the announcement being made at the studio where SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show stream is taking place and screenshots of the characters in action. More will be added as time passes.


Apparently more news on the game has been teased at the convention that will be revealed when it’s on stream again tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.