TGS: Sonic Toon Demo (UPDATE)

TGS: Sonic Toon Demo (UPDATE)

by September 20, 2014

Screenshots & Video Included

The final day of Tokyo Game Show 2014 saw a live stream of the demo to Sonic Toon/Boom. The following occurred.

  • Metal Sonic and Shadow’s teaser trailers were shown off. The latter was seen by the Japanese crowd for the first time.
  • A lot of the dialogue was introducing the game (the game mechanics, characters and their makeovers, et cetera)
  • A few new cutscenes were shown. The NPCs got put into the spotlight a little.
  • Sonic himself appeared two-thirds of the way in.
  • Iizuka mentioned that the Boom cartoon “might be late for them”
  • We got our first look at 2D gameplay on Rise of Lyric for Wii U
  • The stickers we saw yesterday for Sonic Toon TGS demo players were shown again.
  • A lot of the stream chat was reacting to Knuckles’ design.

If you missed it, video of the gameplay is already up on YouTube

Lastly, here’s a gallery full of screenshots taken during the stream.


Special thanks to Kopke of SEGA Nerds for the Japanese dialogue translating and to Woun over at Sonic Stadium for the video.

UPDATE: Video of the entire Sonic Toon stream segment, including non-gameplay parts, was uploaded. Thanks to Ogilvie at Sonic Stadium for the footage.