First Alien: Isolation Add-On Pack Released

First Alien: Isolation Add-On Pack Released

by October 29, 2014

Going into Corporate Lockdown

If you’re eager to play new Alien: Isolation content, this news should excite you. SEGA and The Creative Assembly plan to extend the life of the game with no less than five Survivor add-on packs, and the first of these packs hit online marketplaces yesterday. The pack, called “Corporate Lockdown,” follows a new playable character, Seegson Executive Ransome, as he ties up a few loose ends and flees Sevastopol Station after being abandoned by his paymasters.

The pack includes three new challenge maps, entitled Severance, Scorched Earth, and Loose Ends; it also adds a brand-new gameplay mode known as Gauntlet Mode, where players must make it through all three of the new challenge maps in a row without dying. Those that do can compare their completion times against the online leaderboards and attempt to set new records.

You can check out some screenshots from the new add-on pack in the gallery below. Corporate Lockdown is available now for $7.99, €6.99, or £5.59, and the four remaining Survivor packs will be released before March 2015.