Sonic Represented in Song at Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sonic Represented in Song at Thanksgiving Day Parade

by November 28, 2014

Part of “Tribute to Video Games” Montage

Particularly given the push Sega put toward the Sonic Boom initiative, there was some disappointment shared around the community when learned the giant Sonic balloon would not make a return appearance down the streets of New York for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

That doesn’t mean that there was no representation at the show, though. News tipster Strike Carson tells us an iconic piece of Sonic music had a brief part in the show:

One of the marching/dancing group/bands did a number they called Tribute to Video Games.  They had in the music mix, the Mario Theme, the theme from Tetris, one theme I don’t know the name of, and another theme for which I am sending this tip.  The theme from Sonic The Hedgehog, likely the version that is the invincibility theme, was used during the number.

Strike Carson provided us a video of the montage, and you can see it below. We thank him for tipping us. If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us. Click Send Tips at the top of every page, or tip us on Twitter.