SEGA investigating western release of SEGA 3D Classics 3DS themes

SEGA investigating western release of SEGA 3D Classics 3DS themes

by January 10, 2015

There is a possibility for them outside of Japan

We’ve been very lucky. The second batch of SEGA 3D Classics is finally coming overseas, starting from 3D After Burner who is being released next week in both USA and Europe. Seemed almost impossible, given what M2 said when they were released in Japan, last year. But they are finally coming out.

But they might not be the only thing coming overseas. SEGA revealed that they are currently investigating the possibility of releasing not only the games, but also the 3DS themes they came up with in Japan back when they released the games physical collection. Sadly, said physical version is not being released overseas, but at least there is a possibility of having the themes .

3DS Themes

This is what SEGA answered to a fan question over at Facebook. There are four themes released in Japan, and two more coming in the future, based on Sega Arcade cabinets, Sega Mega Drive and Mega CD Japanese designs, Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone.  There is still nothing set in stone about them being released overseas or not, but since they are investigating it right now, now you have the chance to let them know if you want them. Maybe is there a chance to have Space Harrier 3D and Out Run 3D, the Master System games released in Japan, too?

Take a look at some of the themes released in Japan, and do not forget to let SEGA know if you want them released overseas or not!