AJ Freda releases “Roly Poly Putt” for PC

AJ Freda releases “Roly Poly Putt” for PC

by January 19, 2015

Co-creator of “Sonic Robo-Blast 2” goes original

Making fangames is a lot like drawing fanart or writing fanfiction — it ends up being a good way to tell if you’d like to do something as a career. And a lot of people eventually graduate from doing primarily fan-oriented things to original projects; your Freedom Planets, XF Racing Institutes, etcetera.

For AJ Freda — once known to the community as “SSNTails,” the co-creator of SRB2 — his project is “Roly Poly Putt,” released on Saturday for free for the PC. The game combines platformer elements with mini-golf.

Here’s a trailer for the Smartphone version, released some time ago:

From the mouth of Freda himself:

Hey guys! So here’s what’s going on… We’ve decided to do an ‘Early Access’-styled Roly Poly Putt: PC release, ALL FOR FREE!

If you’re unfamiliar with Roly Poly Putt, I’d start here: http://spaddlewit.com/projects/roly-poly-putt/

The entire game is included, as well as a few new features and additions exclusive to this version. However…we’re also releasing all of our development tools, and giving you access to our entire engine.

So what is this engine, really? It’s for making 3D games (or 2D/3D), with a scene graph based GUI interface. The Wizard² engine is directional-agnostic, meaning you could create Mario Galaxy-like gameplay if you wanted to. Editing is very easy — anyone who has modded other games like Doom will probably pick it up quite easily…just imagine that, but without the limitations! In a nutshell, it’s a very capable engine that is robust enough to power all of our commercial mobile titles, but started its life on PC. It’s no longer bound by the restrictions of mobile hardware.

Right now this is largely just a PC port of the mobile edition of the game — but I both expect and want that to change as time goes on. For example, Lua scripting is available, but it is very limited in what you can accomplish – I want to expand it to cover most of the executable. We have provided you with every utility we used internally to develop Roly Poly Putt, but we hope to expand upon them based on the feedback we receive from you. We also hope to have some editing guides available soon. Releases will be quick and frequent – no years and years between versions. Monthly might be a good target.

For more information, including download links for Roly Poly Putt, see the Spaddlewit website.