A Third Sonic May Have Been Planned for Generations

A Third Sonic May Have Been Planned for Generations

by January 20, 2015

Unseen64 sheds new light

Unseen64 was one of the first and best resources for content that didn’t quite make the cut. Everything from canceled Mario games to lost levels, you could spend hours reading through what could have been — and why it may have been removed.

Of particular interest to Sonic fans is an article that was updated on January 19th regarding Sonic Generations. Its author is Tamaki, the same person who tipped us off about the Big Red Button exodus preceding the release of Sonic Boom (meaning this guy likely knows his stuff).

Most of the information contained within that article is things we’ve already deduced: Sonic Generations started its life as a game called “Sonic Anniversary,” with Sega negotiating a hefty exclusivity deal with Sony. It was originally intended for the Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Playstation 3, with an Xbox 360 version not yet confirmed.

But where the article gets interesting is when it concerns Sega’s attempt at getting Ryan Drummond to return as the voice of Sonic.

Partway through development, long before the game’s script had been finalised, Ryan Drummond was invited by SEGA to re-audition for his role as Sonic The Hedgehog. Previously, the voice actor had played the character in a number of games, like the Sonic Adventure titles, but was replaced by Jason Griffith in 2004’s Shadow The Hedgehog.

Due to a fundamental professional disagreement with the company, Drummond ended up turning down the opportunity. According to one of our sources, who was formerly of SEGA, the actor would have played a “third Sonic” who would have represented the Dreamcast era of the series.

If you ever felt that it was weird that only Modern and Classic Sonics were playable in Generations, it seems like the plan was originally a little bit different.

The rest of the article goes on to describe a number of unused elements like voice clips, graphical effects, and more, so give it a look.

Thanks goes out to The Sonic Sanctuary’s Page and xmasterkagatox for the tip.