Frobman Uploads Newest “Sonic In Brief” Installments

Frobman Uploads Newest “Sonic In Brief” Installments

by January 23, 2015

Colors & Chronicles

Every year at Summer of Sonic, there’s always new works from the crew at Sonic Paradox. However they’re not alone with fan animations. There would also be a nice little animation from user Frobman: the newest installment(s) of his Sonic In Brief series. With Summer of Sonic taking a break for a year there was no animations for either Sonic Paradox or Frobman. For the latter that has changed.

There was a Sonic In Brief animation planned for the convention if it had happened: Sonic Colors in Brief. While the convention eventually took the year off Sonic Colors in Brief was published a month ago to end the year.

If you end a year with an animation why not begin a year with one too? This week another Sonic In Brief animation for Sonic Chronicles was uploaded.

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