Sega Restructuring News Summary

Sega Restructuring News Summary

by January 30, 2015

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To say it has been a significant day in Sega’s history would be an understatement. From the time Sega Sammy announced its intentions to consolidate Sega’s operations and relocate Sega of America to Southern California onward, we have been on top of every detail from the overnight hours to now.

Clearly, so have you. We checked with Twitter and they report nearly 28,000 mentions of the word Sega today, largely due to what has been announced.

We’ve done some number crunching since. When the 2012 Sega Sammy layoffs happened, Sega in whole was left with 215 employed. We imagine there has been some strengthening of the ranks since then, but if not, assuming there are 120 willing participants for the voluntary retirement program, Sega could be left with less than 100 employees worldwide. That doesn’t factor in the involuntary layoffs Sega of America plans to do on top of the buyouts. Even if Sega has been hiring over the past two and a half years, the math shows a total workforce cut of around half is a very possible result.

We have not seen developments unfold this quickly since the Sonic Boom announcement last year, and understandably, there is a fair bit of confusion about what exactly will transpire. Our coverage has been voluminous, so we offer a chronological index of stories for your easy reference and to help you understand exactly what the next steps for Sega are.

Our team of reporters around the world will continue to monitor developments, ask sources specific questions, and offer more details on this major story as those details become available.

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