SEGA To Focus On PC & Mobile Gaming

SEGA To Focus On PC & Mobile Gaming

by January 30, 2015

End of An Era

For 14 years, SEGA has been producing software as a third-party developer for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft’s home consoles. They’ve had ups and downs. However it looks like the torch just got more dim.

With the developing news of SEGA’s restructuring currently unfolding suspicions have arisen that this may be related to a story we previously reported on in November that suggested that they would turn their focus to PC and mobile gaming. Now, with news reinforced by MCV UK, we can now say with certainty that this will be the case.

Although the site is off in saying that 300 jobs from SEGA are being cut (120 are in SEGA’s division and the other 180 are in SEGA Sammy’s other divisions) MCV reports that the restructure is indeed the start of SEGA’s plans to move over to PC and mobile gaming and sourced this quote from SEGA Sammy’s statment as evidence.

Local organisations managing packaged game software in Western markets will be streamlined

A door has been closed.