Stephen Frost Also Departing From SEGA

Stephen Frost Also Departing From SEGA

by January 31, 2015

“My journey with the Blue Blur will shortly come to an end”

Make that three. So far Twitter has been the source for SEGA departures. However the third familiar face at SEGA, one whose name has been heard a lot in the past year, went to the Sonic Stadium forums to express their announcement of departure from the company.

Stephen Frost is the third person today to announce their SEGA journey will be ending very soon:

Just wanted to jump in here one last time in order to thank all the supporters of the Sonic Boom initiative and Sega, in general. Thanks for buying the toys, watching the show and playing the games. So many people worked so hard to try to deliver a new type of Sonic so it warms my heart to see so many people around the world enjoying at least some aspect of Sonic Boom. In some cases, I think we really hit the mark while in other areas, there is no doubt that improvements can be made. But that’s the thing about trying anything new… You have to learn from your mistakes and improve and grow, right? You have to take those risks in order become better. In that regard, I’m very happy that Sega was willing to take that leap of faith. And I’m even happier to see how well the Sonic Boom initiative, as a whole, has been doing.

Some of my best memories at Sega were interacting with the Sonic fanbase, especially at events like Sonic Revolution and Sonic Boom. Seeing how the blue hedgehog had such a significant impact on their lives was so humbling and I will always treasure their genuine appreciation and love for the IP. Always.

It’s been an absolute dream and an honor to work on such an important franchise and be able to contribute what I could in order to shape its new direction. It was tiring, no doubt, but all the energy I spent was worth it.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all the support and thanks for coming along for the ride. Unfortunately, my journey with the Blue Blur will shortly come to an end. It wasn’t that long of a trip, but that’s what makes every moment that much more memorable.

And with that, safe travels to you all. Can’t wait to see where the next road takes me.

We wish Mr. Frost all the best and hope things get better!