Sonic Runners Teaser Trailer Released

Sonic Runners Teaser Trailer Released

by February 3, 2015

Coming to Japan This Spring

We finally have some more concrete information about Sonic Team’s next production. The upcoming mobile game Sonic Runners recently received its own website, and a teaser trailer for the game was posted to YouTube. Disappointingly, the trailer contains no actual footage from the game, instead showing a brief look back at Sonic’s history and informing players that they will need to “run, jump, and fly to reach the peak” once the game is released.

The website revealed that the game will support a litany of iOS and Android devices, going all the way back to the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, provided they’re running iOS 7 or later. Other mobile devices will only need to be on Android 2.3 or newer in order to play the game, so if nothing else, it will be accessible to a very wide audience. Much like Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump Fever before it, Sonic Runners will be freeto-play with “premium” items available, which likely means that the game will rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue.

The last order of business is the game’s release date. The trailer revealed that Sonic Runners will arrive in Japan this Spring with no mention of an international release. However, the website contains a line of text that references the possibility of one:

Currently Sonic Runners is only available in Japan.

The use of “currently” seems to imply that the game will be available outside of Japan at some point, although we don’t yet have official confirmation on that. We have included the teaser trailer here, and we encourage you to share your thoughts on the game in the comments section below. We thank IceSeason101 for bringing the trailer’s release to our attention.