Fans Mobilize, Organize for Sonic 3 Remastered

Fans Mobilize, Organize for Sonic 3 Remastered

by February 7, 2015

Going straight to the source

They say you can’t put a genie back in his bottle. And, well, after Christian “Taxman” Whitehead showed a proof-of-concept build of Sonic 3 running on a smartphone, it was no surprise that things were about to get complicated.

Enter, a dedicated effort to pitch Taxman and Stealth’s Sonic 3 to the head of the Sega Networks mobile division, Haruki Satomi.

Fans who join the campaign can sign a petition through, or even have the option of sending a physical letter to Sega Networks, with the latter seeming to be the preferred option:

The online petition is great for generating buzz and showing Sega as whole about how you feel. However, the specific department of Sega Networks don’t seem to pay much attention to online events, so please send a letter so they know that you will support the release.

If that sounds interesting to you, head on over to to read more about the available options, potential features the remastered version may support, and more.