SEGA Q3 Sales Figures Announced

SEGA Q3 Sales Figures Announced

by February 12, 2015

Sonic Boom Sells Less Than 500,000 Units

Thanks to Sega Sammy’s Q3 financial statements, we now have concrete sales figures for Sonic Boom, and they’re not exactly encouraging. Through December 31st of last year, both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the latest major Sonic title moved just 490,000 units combined. To put this in perspective, Sonic Lost World sold around 640,000 units across both the Wii U and 3DS in a similar time frame. Given the negative critical and fan reception to the Boom games, the low sales figures shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise. Interestingly, SEGA appears to have sold just 210,000 copies of its four active Wii U SKUs in the first three quarters of the company’s fiscal year, and it predicts that it will sell only 20,000 more before the end of Q4.

All is far from lost, however. The financial statements revealed that the gaming masses continue to embrace Alien: Isolation, with the game shipping 1,760,000 units across all platforms as of December 31st. In all, SEGA sold 8,900,000 pieces of software in its first three fiscal quarters, and the company hopes to sell upwards of 11,000,000 before its fiscal year is over.

Today also brought additional information about SEGA’s impending restructuring. According to NintendoLife, several new companies will be formed under Sega Holdings, and Sega Games will supersede Sega Corporation as we know it. Additionally, Atlus was not mentioned in today’s news, so it appears as though they will not be adversely affected by the company-wide layoffs and dramatic restructuring plan.

You can read the financial report in full here. Feel free to discuss the latest sales announcements in the comments section below.