Sonic Boom “Link N’ Smash” Game Available On CN Website

Sonic Boom “Link N’ Smash” Game Available On CN Website

by February 17, 2015

Advanced Tetris

Surprisingly, Cartoon Network has added a Sonic Boom game that fans can play on their website. There’s only one song: the main theme of Rise of Lyric. However the gameplay seems to be what the focused on. The game is basically an advanced form of Tetris. You match character faces to a related item (Amy has to be matched with her hammer, Sonic with rings, et cetera). Match them enough times and that character can perform a super move to aid you by clearing out any clutter in the play field.

It has an arcade-like feel to it. The news of the game’s release was made via a tweet from the official Sonic Twitter:

The game, of course, is free to play. However it’s similar to an old Sonic Heroes game that SEGA had made available ten years ago. Nevertheless it seems that Cartoon Network is giving Sonic Boom attention in the flash game department, something it didn’t have before.