Sonic Runners: Sonic Has Gotten Another Model Change

Sonic Runners: Sonic Has Gotten Another Model Change

by February 19, 2015

Classic & Modern Collide

It looks like all the running and destroying of badniks is beginning to show. Analysis of the latest media from today’s Sonic Runners news has discovered that Sonic seems to have gotten another model change.

He’s shorter, somewhat more chubby, and his limbs are more bulky. It looks as if his quills have been refined to be more like his classic counterpart. However he still has green eyes like his modern counterpart.

The appearance strikes of a classic and modern Sonic mashup. Elements of both designs seem to be combined into one. Whether this will remain for future games is unknown but it certainly looks like it will be his in-game model and not mere character art. In fact some of the toys announced at last year’s Joyopolis have a similar model style. The second image even has his eye color changed so he has green irises and black pupils, a further sign that suggests they’re aiming for a Sonic model with classic and modern elements.

Stay tuned for any further developments.