Sonic Runners Now Playable, First Info Emerges

Sonic Runners Now Playable, First Info Emerges

by February 26, 2015

Text Cutscenes & More

People are now beginning to play Sonic Runners following the recent soft launch of the game. As a result we have gotten our first screenshots and information on the game.

  • There is a story but it is in episodes. Eggman is capturing animals and Sonic and friends are trying to save them. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have teamed up to stop Eggman. They find out why later on. Text cutscenes are in the game
  • Leveling up characters via rings improves abilities. The pictures are levels 1 to 11.
  • There’s a throwback to Sonic 2 in one of the levels.
  • Screens for selecting levels and equipment are a more organized version of Sonic Dash‘s.
  • Red Rings return and are used like Sonic Dash. Recommending it to friends on Facebook seems to give Red Ring awards too.
  • Boss battles occur if you hit certain conditions
  • The Japanese version of the game is in English text.
  • The first level is a tutorial. Tails and Knuckles unlock after enough maps are completed.
  • Companions are unlocked via a roulette mini game. They’re used throughout one level. You get one free spin.
  • Sub-characters confirmed. It may mean that character follows the main one.
  • There is no dash or homing attack. All Sonic can do is jump.

You can see the screenshots that came with these details below.