Easter Event Coming To Sonic Runners

Easter Event Coming To Sonic Runners

by March 27, 2015

Arrives March 30th

Sonic Runners is about to get festive.

The official SEGA of Japan Twitter announced an Easter event that will be coming to the game. A loose translation of the tweet revealed that it would begin March 30th and last until April 6th. An in-game announcement (the image of it can be seen below) and more details from the English Sonic Runners website revealed even more: It is a competition by the Chao to see who can collect the most Easter Eggs.

Not only will the game be decorated to celebrate but spring will arrive to Windy Hill in the form of a new level called the “Special Spring Stage”. You will be able to collect Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets in only that level. Two new companions have been shown off as well: Easter Chao and the Easter Bunny. Both will assist in Easter Egg collecting. Merlina is confirmed to be a companion of sorts, one that isn’t so easy to obtain, that can be leveled up during the event only by collecting Easter Eggs and reaching the top ranks. This also serves as a new story episode for the event.

The entire thing is to score loads of in-game prizes that can be obtained the more Easter Eggs you get.

You can see the images below.